A retail store or a shop is a place which is owned and operated by Retailers or sometimes by the manufacturers. They are maintained with the primary purpose to sell goods to the ultimate customers who buy the same in small quantities. There are many types of Retail shops in Gurgaon which operate to provide services to its customers by taking care of all their needs.


1. Departmental stores- A wide range of offerings at one place is what is the purpose of setting up of a departmental store. One can easily get all their demands in one place. There are a lot of Departmental or rented retail stores in Gurgaon being set up so that the growing demands of people in this highly growing city can be fulfilled.

2. Discount stores- They are another means to serve the customers no matter it is Delhi NCR or the growing retail shops in Gold Extension road in Gurgaon. Vishal mega mart is one such growing example of Discount stores all over India. People are tried to provide merchandise at discount herein.

3. Supermarkets- Well, it’s concentrated with selling food and household items which are needed in our day to day life. In the growing city of Gurgaon with all the companies approaching this place, the needs are increasing and so are the Supermarkets like the one rented retails shops in Golf course extension road, which tries to fulfil all the demands of the people.

4. Warehousing stores- Limited stock, discounted rate, this is what is being offered at such stores to all the customers out there.

5. Speciality stores- Specializing in certain kind of products is what they specialize in. one can easily have a particular product brand at such places which are being set up with the motive to serve better to all the customers who need better services.

There are also many other retails stores like, malls, e-retailers, Kirana stores, etc, that are being introduced as the rented retail shop in Golf course extension road, which is serving people and making sure that all needs are fulfilled as and there.

Challenges associated with retail shops being set up and run

There are many hurdles, no matter which sector we choose but the survivor is the one who knows well how they manage the same and get the best of opportunities out of it. Some of the challenges associated with Retail shops in Gurgaon are as follows:

1. There are barriers to regulation. Regulations can be any, from government operating locally or centrally.

2. Not so better tax structure amidst the high rents being paid by the rented retail shop in Golf course extension road.

3. No proper supply chain or IT management is maintained by them in their work.

4. There is high competition with each other as the population of Gurgaon grows every day with every MNCs being set up and with increasing demand the more and more types of retail shops being set up in Gurgaon.

5. No proper trained or educated workforce available with the team, etc are some of the challenges being faced by retail shops in Gurgaon.

Some recent projects in setting up Retail shops in Gurgaon

1. SS Highpoint- Sector-86
2. VSR Park Street- Sector-85
3. MRG Bazaar- Sector-93
4. Elan miracle
5. SpazeTristaar- Sector-92
6. VLPL 83 Avenue- Sector-83
7. Aipl Joy central- Sector-65
8. M3M Corner walk- Sector-74, etc

There are many ongoing projects but every day with more and more demand it becomes difficult to manage to find a place at a reasonable rate to work in. is one such website which specializes to provide its customers with the best of deals and make sure to get it within the budget that has been presented by the client. They make sure. One can approach them if they need Retails shops, commercial properties, food courts, restaurants, etc. They don’t deal, they create, the very mission as per this line adopted by them is if they can’t find a deal, they have the power to create one. They are one of the best places to approach if one wants a rented retail shop in Golf course extension road or anywhere in Gurgaon at an affordable rate and on time.

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